Boom in Blue- Size 14.

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Brand: Boom Shanka


100% cotton. Made in India. Lined 100% cotton.

Size: 14

Colour: Navy.

Trim colours: Purple, pink , off white and navy. 

Condition is very good. The slightest of fading due to wash and ware. 

Extract from the Boom Shanka web site: "Over the last two decades, Boom Shankar has evolved into a prominent Australian fashion label. Boom Shankar now includes a flagship showroom at Noosaville, and distribution to more than 200 stockists throughout Australia. Dui designs each piece in Australia (including the fabrics), then spends two to three months at a time in India working with fabric printers, pattern makers and craftsman assembling each season’s range."

Size chart:

Size 14
LOOSE FIT - Chest 107.5
LOOSE FIT - Hips 123
LOOSE FIT - Waist 107.5
REGULAR FIT - Chest 107.5
REGULAR FIT - Hips 107.5
REGULAR FIT - Waist 92