Grunge Glam - Size 12

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Brand: Purple Patch. 

Fabric: 100% polyester, acetate lining. Note: This fabric need to be hand washed only. 

Made in Australia. 

To fit: Bust 95, Waist 70 and Hip 100.

 Colour: Its a gently tie dyed fabric with predominantly purple, grey, midnight blue and biscotti beige . 

This dress has been pre-loved and worn but very well looked after. it is still in a good condition. There appears be a pull in the fabric, that has been removed, only noticeable when looking very close up (nose to the fabric), otherwise It looks like one of the lines in the pattern of the fabric .  

The client who gave this dress to me said this dress is filled with so many wonderful memories that she has been holding onto it despite that it no longer fit. So this sexy frock comes with good vibes :).

This is the quintessential glam grunge 90's style dress.  I can just see some one wearing it styled like this: